Welcome to Submittable and your hub for the Hereford Youth Foundation of America's (HYFA) scholarship application process as well as applying for all awards and CONTESTS offered through the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) as well as the NJHA Board of Director Application and National Queen Application. The Fall Scholarship Deadline is Sept. 1st and the Spring Scholarship Deadline is April 1st.

The HYFA scholarship program is designed to provide recognition for outstanding members of the NJHA. Its purpose is to encourage individual and cooperative effort, enthusiasm, excellence, leadership, academic success and achievement among youth and to develop successful individuals as good leaders for the Hereford breed and the beef industry. This fall HYFA will award more than $150,000 of academic scholarships to Hereford youth and more than $200,000 each fiscal year. Fall award presentations will take place at a special awards ceremony in Kansas City during the American Hereford Association Annual Meeting and Educational Forum on Oct. 20. Applicants are encouraged, but not required to be present to accept scholarships.

All scholarships will be cut directly to the university of the recipient after being awarded, for use the following term.

Fall HYFA Scholarships Include:

  1. Ten $10,000 Vanier Family Scholarships
  2. Two $5,000 EE Ranch Scholarships
  3. One $5,000 Perks Ranch Scholarship
  4. One $5,000 CBY Polled Herefords, Bob & Dolores Call Scholarship
  5. One $5,000 Ball Foundation/Cottonwood Springs Farm Scholarship
  6. One $5,000 Bar One Ranch, In Memory of Ken Tracy Scholarship
  7. One $2,500 Whitehead Ranches Scholarship
  8. One $2,500 Fauquier Farms, Bob & Lucy Kube Scholarship
  9. One $2,500 Randy & Kelly Owen Scholarship
  10. One $2,500 Blin Family Scholarship
  11. One $2,500 Larson Polled Herefords Scholarship


The following are scholarships that have unique requirements and/or are designed for specific applicants. Those requirements are noted on the Fall Scholarship Application, and you must select if you would qualify and would like to be considered for those scholarships.

  1. One $2,500 Merry Family/MGM Memorial Scholarship for students pursuing Veterinary Medicine Degree - Pre Vet or Vet School Students are eligible to apply using Fall HYFA Application
  2. Two $1,500 Ostgaard-Breiner Educational Scholarships – For non-traditional students wanting to go into a technical field, graduate school, trade school, certification or other acceptable program. – Eligible applicants apply using the Fall HYFA Application
  3. One $2,500 Gary Bishop Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is designed to recognize those youth who demonstrate many of the same qualities that Gary demonstrated, awarded to a deserving member of the NJHA to continue financing their college education. - This scholarship has its own unique application.



The following are scholarships that are offered through the Western States Hereford Association and will be given at the Western States Hereford Show in Reno, Nev. Only Western States Hereford Association junior members are eligible for these scholarships. $3,000 will be awarded in scholarships from the Willard Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund, and $3,000 will be awarded from the John Ascuaga Hereford Scholarship Fund. 

  1. Willard Wolf Memorial Scholarship
  2. John Ascuaga Hereford Scholarship



  1. Applicant must be a NJHA member in good standing, or a member of a Western States Association if applying for those specific scholarships.
  2. Applicant must be a paid member for the past three consecutive years.
  3. All scholarship applicants must be enrolled in a four-year accredited university, junior/community college and/or a technical institution, as a full time student, with 12 or more credits, except for select scholarships.
  4. Students who are seeking post graduation degrees, such as vet school, law school, etc., are eligible to apply for fall HYFA Scholarships.
  5. All applicants must have maintained at least a “C” or 2 .5 grade point average. A current academic transcript (unofficial accepted) must accompany the application.
  6. Applicants meeting the necessary requirements can apply any number of times provided they maintain the required academic standards. A new application must be submitted each year.

The Western States Hereford Association (WSHA) and Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) offer scholarship opportunities in memory of Willard Wolf and John Ascuaga, who were committed to the Hereford breed and it’s people and were a big reason for the success of the “Nugget” Show and Sale in Reno for decades.  These scholarships provide tuition assistance to Western State’s Junior Hereford Association members pursuing postsecondary education and encourage leadership, achievement in and out of the showring, academic success and community service for young Hereford enthusiasts.

The total number of awards and scholarship amounts will be determined  annually by the scholarship committee based on funds available. Applications are due November 1. 

Awards will be announced at the Western States National Hereford Show in Reno, Nev., in December. WSHA funds are invested in HYFA and scholarship award payments will be provided by HYFA on the recipient’s behalf to the college, university, trade, or professional school they will be attending in the spring term. Award recipients may reapply for an award if they meet the criteria.

John Ascuaga Scholarship - During the 2015 Western States National Hereford Show and Sale, which celebrated the 50th Nugget Hereford event, funds were donated in recognition of long time Nugget Casino owner, rancher and Hereford advocate, John Ascuaga. It was determined that those funds should be in support of Hereford youth in pursuit of a college education. Thus, the John Ascuaga Scholarship was established and awarded for the first time in 2016. It has been awarded annually ever since to a deserving young person.
Willard Wolf Scholarship -  During the 2021 Western States National Hereford Show and Sale, a scholarship fund was established in honor of Willard Wolf. Willard had a career spanning more than 33 years with the American Hereford Association, serving the Western Region and touched countless lives of people involved with Hereford cattle, even after his retirement. He was instrumental in organizing the show and sale formerly known as the “Nugget” and now the Western States National Hereford Show and Sale. He also took action that established the junior show that is part of the annual event. Willard was respected by those who had the opportunity to know him and through this scholarship his legacy will continue. The first award in his name was provided in 2022.