Welcome National Junior Hereford Association Members

Welcome to Submittable and your hub for the Hereford Youth Foundation of America's (HYFA) scholarship application process as well as applying for all awards, contests and conferences offered through the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) and the NJHA Board of Director Application and National Queen Application.

NJHA and HYFA are proud to offer the first ever BOLD Leadership Conference, designed for you to continue Building On Leadership Development. This conference expands on the knowledge gained at the Faces of Leadership conference as well as your own personal leadership skills and offers a personalized, intimate approach to leadership development and training.


1.  Applicant must be a NJHA member in good standing.

2.  Applicant must be between the ages of 18-21 at the time of the conference.

3.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and we advise a family member, teacher or advisor review your application prior to submission.

4.  While not required, past attendance at the Faces of Leadership conference will be considered.


1.  Submit online application by February 1, 2022.

2.  Fulfill application including essay questions with a focus on the takeaways you have from this conference.

3.  Submit a current list of 3 references, including name, job and contact information.

4.  After applications are received and reviewed the top applicants will be notified they have been accepted to attend the conference.

5.  The conference will be held in Desdemona, Texas at the GKB Ranch. Conference fees and charges have been generously funded, attendees will only be responsible for their travel to and from the conference.

This elite leadership opportunity held in Desdemona, Texas, at GKB's Highpoint Ranch is open to ages 18-21. Applications are due Feb. 1, 2022, and those who are chosen to attend will be notified shortly after. Travel to and from the conference is the responsibility of the attendee, however, thanks to generous donors, the conference, lodging and food are covered by acceptance into the program.